I just wanted to take this opportunity to write and say what an enjoyable experience it was attending the school. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire time I was there, whether it be the in-class portion or the actual driving.

When I was originally trying to decide which school to go to, I did research and went to the other schools to ask the questions that I needed answered. After my meeting at Northstar, I immediately knew I would be enrolling there.

I had barely even driven a pickup truck before taking the course so I was nervous the first time I got inside the “big rig,” but felt completely at ease once I started receiving instruction because the instructors were very patient and encouraging.

One other point of interest to note is the amount of time spent learning various backing manoeuvres, which is excellent. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was able to accomplish. It was fun and challenging both at the same time and increased my confidence when behind the wheel even more.

I have no regrets in choosing Northstar for my training, and I would highly recommend them to anyone without hesitation!

Brent B