The course was very informative and up-to-date. The instructors were professional all the time. I came to this school with 2nd careers. I researched other schools. This school was well prepared with the information and start up package I needed and that is why I choose this school. (Well organized) The instructors are very patient and take the time to work on my weaknesses and bring me up to where I need to be. I will recommend this school. I have informed my 2nd career coach that your school is two thumbs up.

Bruce H

Northstar Truck Driving School, the Mission of this establishment should read, “to enable the student to become a professional in this career choice. The instructors and administrative staff each bring a unique talent and vision to this educational experience. The school’s commitment is to provide the best education, foster a development of knowledge, understanding and skill in their high quality program for serious minded students. The most effective measure, by which the success of this program may be evaluated, is the high job placement ratio of students.”

I was pleased that I as a student gained hands-on experience by trained instructors with professional backgrounds in the career field. All members of their staff offered encouragement, guidance, inspired personal and professional growth by maintaining a nurturing yet challenging learning environment.

Michael O

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for your diligence, concern, and kindness in teaching me how to drive a truck. Your sincere desire to want me to learn what I need to know while building my self-esteem in the process has been nothing short of awesome. Bob, you have a special gift for teaching and a very keen insight for what your students need to do well and your staff is empowered by the example you set. Thanks for your glowing letter of recommendation, it bowled me over. I promise to try living up to the accolades.

Rick D

The time that I spent at Northstar was the best time of my life. My time at the school has made me feel very confident and proud in my choice of schools and career.

Bob, I want to extend a special thanks to you for spending all the time with me. You were very patient and understanding and you lead your staff by example. If all my teachers had been like you I would have loved to go to school every day like I did at Northstar Truck Driving School.

I will miss coming to school every day, talking to you guys, and laughing with you all. I didn’t want to ever leave but on the same note I can’t wait to go out into the workforce and show the entire industry what I learned at the best school in the whole world, Northstar Truck Driving School Ltd.

Mikey C